I’m joining Google

Today I’m proud to join Google and the Google Plus team.

Google + is on a path to build great social services for Google users and joining the team at this time should be fun and rewarding.

I will be working on the Google + Sign In services launched in February.

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Payvment is closing

Payvment tried to build a Facebook mall and later launched Lish.com to create a new site for driving traffic to its merchants’ pages.

The company announced today that it will be closing.



An updated post on TechCrunch explains that the employees are joining Intuit.


Social Commerce – stories you should read 21

In this version of the newsletter, Dowalla allows sending money with a twit, Amazon extends its Facebook app to support wish lists and friends fit and Facebook gifts is now available to all US users.

  1. Pinterest Launches New Business Tools (360i blog)
  2. eBay’s Svpply Brings A Daily Catalog Of Personalized Product Recommendations (TechCrunch)
  3. RevTrax follows coupon sharing across all social media (PandoDaily)
  4. Surprise: twitter study shows that promoted tweets result in sales (GigaOm)
  5. Twitter Offers A Total Of $1M In Free Credits To 10,000 New Advertisers For Small Business Saturday (TechCrunch)
  6. Facebook gifts
    1. Facebook adds iTunes content to Gifts (GigaOm)
    2. Facebook Gifts expands to all U.S. users, adds wines to the offering (The Conusmerist, Inside Facebook)
  7. Meet Mine — Your Life, in E-Shopping (All Things D, TechCrunch). This service seems similar to eBay’s Stuff
  8. The true value of Pinterest: Interest graph data from self-curated storefronts (bazaarvoice blog)
  9. Tweet money to your friends with #dwolla (dwolla’s blog)
  10. Following Walmart.com’s Lead, Amazon Adds Facebook-Enabled Gift Suggestions (TechCrunch). Trying it, it group your friends to those who already linked their account with Amazon, and those who didn’t, allowing you to invite them to connect their accounts. The app shares data with Amazon’s wish list defined by each user and is the same app that amazon uses for Facebook offers and sharing user’s purchases.

Social Commerce – stories you should read 20

This edition of the newsletter includes some interesting items about holidays shopping, shopping on Instagram and others.

  1. Very Pinteresting! Facebook Cranks Up Another (Potential) Revenue Stream With “Collections.” (All Things D)
  2. Facebook Offers Are A Viral Hit: Friend-To-Friend Sharing Drives 3/4s Of Popular Coupon Redemptions (TechCrunch)
  3. Social Commerce On The Rise in Eventbrite. Dollar per share up 83% (TechCrunch)
  4. Instagram-commerce now offered by Chirpify (All Things D)
  5. Walmart wants Facebook sales for Christmas (Wired)
  6. eBay’s New Design Reflects the Future of Commerce (Social Commerce Today)
  7. Facebook’s Incredible Potential as an Offline Retail Tool (AdAge)
  8. Social and charity
    1. Facebook Gifts adds donations options. (Facebook blog)
    2. Walmart Kicks Off 12 Days Of Giving On Facebook (All Facebook)
  9. Group purchasing
    1. Given.to uses PayPal to facilitate chipping in to group gifts (TechCrunch)
    2. PayByGroup adds tickets group purchasing to its products (VentureBeat)
  10. How many startups will Facebook Gifts kill? (PandoDaily)

Social Commerce – stories you should read 19

Today’s edition of the newsletter includes stories about Facebook China’s problem, group purchasing on StubHub and The Fancy and more.

  1. Facebook CRM Ads (TechCrunch)
  2. Facebook’s China problem (Fortune)
  3. Group purchasing
    1. eBay’s Israel Social Center and Stub Hub launch Go Together (eBay Ink blog)
    2. Fancy gets into group gifting (Giga Om)
  4. Gyft Brings Gift Cards From Over 200 Retailers To Apple’s Passbook (TechCrunch)
  5. US Consumers Willing to Get Social for Deals (Marketing Charts)
  6. Mupd8 – The @WalmartLabs Real-time Platform (@walmarLabs blog>/a>)
  7. Offers
    1. Facebook updates offers (TechCrunch, VentureBeat)
    2. Google Offers Exec Eric Rosenblum Leaves for Mobile Ad Start-Up (All Things D)
  8. How Social Sharing And Smartphones Are Changing Coupon Culture [INFOGRAPHIC] (All Twitter)
  9. Soldsie Lets Retailers Sell Through Facebook Comments (TechCrunch)
  10. Facebook looking to launch Karma app as Facebook Gifts (All Facebook) Update: Facebook launched Facebook Gifts on 09/27.
  11. An interesting note about Facebook’s e-commerce commercial was posted in Seeking Alpha
  12. Social Bill Payment Platform PayTap Offers A Flat $1 Fee Per Transaction (TechCrunch)

Social Commerce – stories you should read 18

Color newspaper, originally uploaded by yanec.

Ever wondered what’s more valuable, a tweet or a pin? Zappos has some answers in this edition of the newsletter.

      ,liMilo’s research: The future of shopping according to shoppers (

Social Commerce Today


  1. How Big Is Facebook’s Data (TechCrunch)
  2. Is Serendipity Dead? Location-Based Mobile App Roamz Relaunches To Focus On User Intent Instead (TechCrunch)
  3. Deal Management Platform MyCabbage, Raises $950K (PandoDaily)
  4. From Beach to Savitt: Social Commerce Coming Home to Yahoo!? (Social Commerce Today)
  5. @AmandaPlamer and her twitter sales experience (Wall Street Journal)
  6. Zappos studies Pinterest
    1. For Zappos a Tweet is worth 45x a Pin Social Commerce Today,/a>)
    2. How Zappos Could Help Pinterest Pin Down a Business Model (Wired)
    3. You can try it out in Zappos PinPointing
    4. Don’t miss the other projects by Zappos Expo
  7. Facebook Reorients Itself for a Small-Screen World (NY Times)
  8. Pose, 1M Users Strong, Brings Its Fashion Photo App To The iPad — And Starts To Make (And Share) Revenue (TechCrunch)

Social Commerce – stories you should read 17

Color newspaper, originally uploaded by yanec.

Today’s post includes Venmo’s acquisition by Braintree, Pinterest mobile push and an interesting thread about ecommerce and social, and some other interesting items.

  1. Venmo acquired by Braintree for $26M. Venmo’s product offers a send/ receive money service and includes an interesting Facebook integration (NYTImes Bits and PandoDaily about what it might mean for PayPal)
  2. Pinterest goes mobile with new Android app, new versions to iOS (Pinterest blog)
  3. Wrapp Goes Back To School (All Facebook)
  4. Payvment launches Lish – a new product discovery site for its Facebook mall (TechCrunch, Inside Facebook)
  5. Wal-Mart gives its Facebook fans early access to layaway (Internet Retailer)
  6. Southwest’s Facebook bungle (Economist, ZDNet. All Facebook)
  7. Inside Facebook’s Push to Woo Big Advertisers (Wall Street Journal)
  8. Probably the Smartest Thread You’ll Read on (Social) E-Commerce… (Social Commerce Today)