Hello World! these are the first words you try to use on any computer language.

The first language for me was Basic, then came C, CPP, (a bit of) Java, many years of VB and now days C#. On the same time I discovered other languages, most of them by myself: I discovered the mixed language of Jackson Pollock, the boxes language of Mark Rothko, marketing language of the Purple Cows and others.

You get use to print "Hello World" as a first program, so use to it that the fingers follow each other quickly. Quick enough to type HELLOW. And then you stop. You hesitate, something looks different, misplaced. Where did this blank space go?

Here I will try to talk about what happenes when I do the things in the quick way, what are the things I am used to do, and on top of it, what I discover when I stop, when I look around, searching for that blank space.