Recall the world you imagined when you first read your favorite book and what happened to this world when the movies version was published. Was it better, worse, or just more interesting.

Bob Zurek wrote (link from reddit) about the need for text only web sites. In his post he offered a new domain name postfix for words only sites which will allow faster use.

It made me think about a words only world, or at least a section you can get into from time to time, like a word only sub-universe. I will call it WOR(l)D.

It's like the difference between a story published in a book with pictures and the text only book version of the same story. The pictures their own world. The words only version let you build your imagined WOR(l)D and free your mind.

Based on my experience I'm afraid a wor(l)d like this will contradict Bob's first intention, it would be a slower, funnier world.