On my 30th b-day (19/10) I decided that I don’t want any more “Steimatzky Blockbuster” I prefer not to reply to “What do you want for your b-day?” type of questions.

I decided to ask for presents that I really want, so that every time I look at them I will say “Cool!”. I built a list, an eclectic one some might say, which includes things that matter to me. Some cost money, some requires extra work. Anything I’ll get from it is cool, any other special idea is welcome.

Since no one I know, and I guess no one you do ever listed his birthday’s presents you probably have an opinion, so write it down. Let’s make it a discussion. All (!) comments are welcome. If you think it’s an interesting idea feel free to forward it to your friends

Most Important: Whatever you get, please write a greeting. You can comment your greeting here and/or bring a greeting card.

The full list:

  • Prefereed option: Something special, something that will make me recall your name every time I’ll see it (i.e a handmade gift, “Kafa”, Shiatsu)

  • Riding pants for my bikes

  • A greeting from Fortis ( not using the Orange celebs greetings)

  • Eli and Mariano – The DVD

  • A pump for my bikes

  • A bottle with unique alcohol (i.e. a single malt)

  • A juggling course from someone who already knows to juggle(I already got the instruments)

  • Arik Einstein’s new book + his signature.

  • Shablul – the disk

  • Hahamishiya Hakamerit – The DVD pack

  • Rain jacket for ridings my bikes

  • A cool T-Shirt (options: Bankusi, Torso)

  • An interesting long sleeve shirt

  • Have someone special send me a greeting or post a comment greeting on this post (no politicians!)

  • A formal long sleeve shirt

  • The last Johnny Cash CD (American V: A Hundred Highways)

  • A Rolling Stones CD (40 licks)

  • Get Chicki (Roy Chicky Arad) to celebrate with us

  • Cool decoration items for my apartment (from Items on Dizingof or Gabriel on Montefiore)

Got an item from the list? Please comment

Planning to get an item? Check the comments

Didn’t find anything on the list? Pick something cool OR check my flickr and see what I like to do

Not in Israel? Post a greeting

Join the party

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