I thought about a weird idea, presents list for my birthday (19/10/1976).

I posted it here, and it turned out to be the coolest birthday I ever had.

Thank you all for sharing with me these happy moments and thank you for the effort and special presents.

I planned t2o parts of celebration, one with my family and another one with my friends. The results were different:

Part I – from publishing the post until Oct. 19 2006 in the evening

It had started with greetings on my post e-mail greetings and phone greetings.

Comics e-mail from dana One of the funniest greetings was a Hebrew comics photo by Dana.

On Wednesday my mother called me and asked me to go to a pub on Lilinblum 22 Tel Aviv. Dudu Busi, One of my favorite writers had a launch party for his new book Mother Is Longing For Words. I talked with him and he described the great effort my mother made to reach him. He signed my book with “Dear Yaniv, Happy Birthday. Be proud of your loving parents. Enjoy the book, Dudu Busi” – I sure enjoyed the book.

Part II – Thursday (19/10/06) evening
On the evening I went to my parents place for a party and we got some photos and some special presents. I was requested to guess, I guessed none:

flickr - Ima, Aba with my parent

  • My aunt, Etty, organised me a meeting with the writer Dvora Omer and promised me that Arik Einstein will personally sign his new book for me
  • Gilad, my brother, arranged meeting my favorite singer song writer Rami Fortis on a rehearsal
  • After I oppened all the gifts I was requested to wait for a surprise. It turned out to be a workshop of laugh. A picture worth 1000 words? see these

flickr - instructor The instructor

Part III – Friday and Saturday (20-21/10/06)
These was 2 hectic and fun days:

  • 19 years ago my aunt Etty had bought me the book Suddenly In The Midst Of Living.that tells the story of Zorik a pilot in the IAF. After reading it so many times I got to meet with the Dvora Omer. Amazing 30 minutes with an amazing lady.

flickr - Dvora Omer

flickr - Z<p><p>eev Revach

  • On Saturday afternoon Tamir instructed a juggling lesson for me.

flickr - Tamir

  • I inviteda lot of people to Hashachen in Tel Aviv for the evening. which look like this on the morning of my birthday

flickr - Hashachen

flickr - chatting

Part IV – more adventures

  • On Wednesday Gilad and me went to meet with Fortis and Saharof (aka FortiSaharof). The two of them are my favorites singer song writers. We talked with them, we got some photos they signed our CDs and they performed an acoustic version of Halom Kahol (Blue Dream) for us. It’s my 30th birthday but I felt like a 16 years old meeting his/her idol.

flickr - Group Photo

  • On Tuesday 30/10/06 I went to the office of Arik Einstein’s CPA. I collected his new book with a greeting “To Yaniv for your 30th birthday with love, Arik Einstein”. I read it, I listened to the accompanied CD, and only then I felt that my birthday is over.

Some special gifts I didn’t listed

  • Netta – A unique tale which resulted with 2 boxes of spices
  • Naama – 20 saucers with greeting from pubs/restaurants in Tel Aviv + Kafa
  • Neta – A bottle of milk which I currenly use daily
  • Doron & Miriam – Guitar Festival DVD
  • Orit & Eran – Pink Floyd’s Live Show DVD

The post, the parties and your attention made this adventure worthwhile. Thank you all for making it a very happy birthday.