Rothschild Boulevard 16 Tel Aviv

On May 14, 1948 David Ben Gurion the Chairman of the Jewish Agency, declared the founding of the State of Israel.

Previously the house of Mr. Dizengof, the mayor of Tel Aviv, The Independence Hall is currently part of Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. The Independence Hall currently looks deserted and broke I picked two reference points in this case:

The first one is the American Independence Hall located in Philadelphia, PA. This is how it looks like

Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, originally uploaded by jeffq.

The second reference point is the Rothschild Boulevard. Here renovation “rules”. The boulevard was renovated a few years ago:

Rothschild Boulevard – renovation sign, originally uploaded by yanec

Renovation by private property owners, companies and the City Council is going on all over the street from Herzl to Habima Theater.

This picture include 3 stages of buildings in the Rothschild Boulevard: Renovated, Old and New.

First Kiosk, old house, New House, originally uploaded by yanec

Unfortunately the independence Hall is only OLD.

I would like to change it. Last week I’ve started to try.