My posts (1, 2) about the Israel Independence Hall described the current status of the place. Last Thursday I started to contact the relevant people.

I first called the Independence Hall. I have talked with the manager who explained that part of the building is maintained by the Eretz Israel Museum part by the Bible House Museum and part by the Tel Aviv Municipality

So I called the Eretz Israel Museum and talked with Miri Tsdaka who handles the public relations in the museum and in the Independence Hall. Following our phone conversation I have sent her an e-mail (translated from Hebrew):

Dear Miri,

Following our conversation I would like to refer you to a few photos I’ve shot last Friday (02/02/2007) which demonstrate the status of the Independence Hall. Some of the pictures include NOTES which will allow you to see the exact damage. I took pictures of the Independence Hall and it looks abandoned (use the top right images to browse more photos).

I have also took pictures of other places in Rothschild and the difference is obvious and sad.

The Independence Hall doesn’t even have a flag. You claimed in our conversation that the flags that were there previously are being damaged. Here you can see flags from all around Rothschild from last Friday

14 Rothschild - the closest flagThis one, for example, is located in 14 Rothschild.

Independence Hall-  a flag on the close buildingThis is how it looks with the Independence Hall

My question is: Who handles this issue, who should I contact with in order for the Independence Hall to look nicer and more descent, so that any one that pass by will proudly know that here Israel was declared?

Regards, Yaniv Yaakubobovich

Today I got a reply (translated from Hebrew):

Yaniv Shalom,

Thank you for your letter.

The issue is handled by the manager of the Operational Department of the museum.

As per the flag, during open hours of the Independence Hall there is a flag in the entrance of the building, we are not responsible to the flag that supposd to be in the top of the building since this part is not part of the Independence Hall.

I will be happy to update you about any progress.


Miri Tsdaka

Public Relations

The flag in the top is under the same repnsibility as the flag in the bottom??? Is this real?