Following Way2Renovation Step 1 which included a phone call and an e-mail conversation with Mrs. Miri Tsdaka I have called her again at Thursday (Feb 15) and asked about her e-mail reply.

Apparently, only the first floor is handled by the Eretz Israel Museum while all other parts of the building are under the control of the Bible House Museum. According to Miri, my questions will be handled by the manager of the Independence Hall but this will not include the whole building.

With this information I called the Bible House Museum and was referred to the manager, Mr. Daniel (Danny) Ophir. I’ve called Danny. A former Bible teacher Danny is currently volunteering in in the Bible Museum. When I presented myself and my initiative he kindly explained to me about the building’s status and about the history of the place:

  • The late Mayor Meir Dizengof who had bought 200 art works and at 1930 opened a museum in the building in the memory of his wife Zina and in his will he left the building to the City of Tel Aviv.
  • When the Tel Aviv Museum of Art was opened on 1969 all the art works were transferred to the new museum.Since then the building stood abandoned.
  • When David Ben Gurion heard about it he worked in order to save the building and starting 1971 the Bible House Museum.
  • On 1978 the Tel Aviv Municipality decided to renovate the Independence Hall a renovation that was made with the help of Canadian Hadassah-WIZO

Danny sounded pretty desperate when he told me that he keeps asking for assistance from the people in the city municipality. The roof is leaking, the walls looks desert and there is no flag available . Currently he only asks them to send him a long pipe in order to turn it into a flagpole – a request currently with no success.

Now it’s my turn to contact them.