Here, in this room Israel was declared:

This is how the building on Rothschild 16 Tel Aviv looks like now:

I am trying to start a process to renovate The Independence Hall of Israel in Tel Aviv.  This is what I have wrote about it so far:

  1. The first post described the entrance to The Independence Hall as part of Rothschild Boulevard
  2. This post elaborated about the status and and the importance of The Independence Hall
  3. I contacted Eretz Israel Museum
  4. I talkedwith Daniel (Danny) Ophir, the manager of The Bible House Museum
  5. I talked with Mr. Eli Levy, the manager of the Department of City Properties
  6. Trying to study about the ways to raise a donation I called the member of the Knesset Avishai Braverman
  7. I have started to contact people/ organizations who handle environment and renovation in Israel
  8. (28/03/2007) I met with Member of The City Council Ron Leventhal. Ron is one of the activists members and he is devoted to conservation of Tel Aviv assets. We discussed our options and Ron offered to establish a group for the issue.
  9. (29/04/2007) The last information I have is that the status of the building is in official discussion in order to put it under a law.
  10. (01/07/2007) I’m moving to Atlanta to study for my MBA. I will follow the process from there.

What will I do next? I am thinking about these options:

  1. Try to locate a donor/ donors
  2. Publish the story using bloggers – Israeli, Jewish or any other
  3. Build a petition site and write an e-mail to my friend, asking them to sign and forward
  4. Try to make it public using TV / radio
  5. Contact higher positions like the Mayor – Using the site I have sent a letter to the Mayor on 29/04/2007
  6. Met with Ron Levental frmo the Tel Aviv City Council

Update 30 September 2008: An act passed in the Keneset to preserve the place. Finally. (Hebrew:

Got an offer? Please comment