Following Step 2 and my convesation with Mr. Daniel Ophir I decided to try and talk with the people that handle the Independence House in the Tel Aviv Municipality.

Danny referred me to Mr. Eli Levy who is the manager of the Department of City Properties. Mr. Levy handles all the properties owned by the Tel Aviv Munucupality. One of this properties is the part of the Independence Hall.

It only(?) took 4 days to contact Mr. Levy. When I did he politely explained to me that the status of the Independence Hall is currently in descussion with “The State of Israel” (aka HAMEDINA) . When I tried to figure out who take part in this discussion Eli couldn’t really name the exact offices/ people that handle it. He couldn’t even refer me to any future plan/ meeting regarding the issue.

Asking about the simple option of adding a flagpole to the current building Eli explained about how difficult it is and how many bureaucratic steps it requires.

The only positive point in our conversation was when I asked what will happen in case that there will be donors that will donate for this purpose, as in the case of the Canadian Hadassah-WIZO
Eli said that in this case “the issue will be much more simpler” .

Next: a donor/the mayor/create a buzz ?