I’ve talked with all the official organizations relevant to the renovation.

Now it was time to contact people who are not directly connected to the Independence Hall, ask for their opinion and try to ask for their assistance in the process.

I have contacted the Member of the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) Avishai Braverman and tried to study from his experience as the President of the Ben Gurion University how to contact donors for the renovation.Mr. Braverman kindley explained to me that as a member of the Knesset he currently does not handle donations and that the only way is to know the optional donor and then to contact him/her.

I then tried a few independent organizations/people who handle renovation in Israel:

  1. I met Ron Levenhtal who is a member of the Tel Aviv City Council and is active in some conservation activities as part of his role in the council. Ron offered his assistance
  2. I talked with Arch. Sharon Raz who runs the Disappearing Architecture site. On the site Sharon presents pictures and stories of interesting abandoned buildings.
  3. I talked with the Haaretz Environmental reporter Esther Zandberg who offered to contact the Site Conservation Council (www.shimur.co.il or Hebrew in Wikipedia)
  4. I contacted the manager of the Center region in the council who told me that the Independence Hall situation is one of the subjects that they currently handle. According to her there is a current procedure in order to set the status of the building under a law. This also includes handling the complicated ownership of the building between the Tel Aviv monicipality, The Eretz Israel Museum and The Bible House. It seems like more experienced people than me are handling the issue.