Why MBA? Why an International MBA? Why did you choose this b-school? What will you achieve this way?

Although some of these questions might sound familiar from the essays questions they are real.

These are few of the questions I’ve been asked since I’d started to discuss International MBA with my family/friends. Question which I’ve asked myself up to the point that I’ve decided “That’s it! I’m going to Emory. I’ll be a student in Goizueta Business School

In this post I will try to answer the questions above from my perspective.

Why MBA?

Talking with my peers – friends, colleagues and managers – after a few years of working in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, mainly in start up companies, I have realized that the next career step I should take is graduate school. I figured that in order to advance from software development and junior management position to higher positions I would have to retrieve an MBA.

Why an international MBA?

I’ve started to gather information about MBA programs: Read brochures, attended MBA fairs, talked with current students and alumni from different b-schools in Israel and abroad. I concluded that studying for an MBA in Israel will bring me to a position similar to many people who have the same background like me and choose the same option. I’ll be another programmer who became a team leader and worked in professional services (short briefing of my resume) and I will probably have to think of a different way to achieve my goals.

In addition I’ve been thinking for a while about studying abroad or live in a different country so my decision was MBA, Abroad, Now.

Why did you choose this b-school?

On Dec. 2005 I attended an MBA fair which was organized by Kidum GMAT school (on which I studied). Taking part during winter break the fair allows presentations by current students from b-schools around the world.

One of the students was Yigal, then a student in the One Year program in Goizueta. Instead of handing me the brochure and answering my questions Yigal started to simulate an interview with me, as it was part of the admission process. I was impressed and asked for his business card. We kept in touch during the year.

When it was time to start submitting the applications, after a depth research regarding which schools will be on my list I knew that Emory is my first option.

On Dec. 2006 I have visited a few schools. Two days after getting back to Israel I got an e-mail from Goizueta offering me admission.

What will you achieve with an MBA?

Time will tell. Or, as I prefer to look at it, I will achieve what ever I’ll aim to achieve and whatever the new horizons I will discover during and after my time in Goizueta will yield