• Programming course
  • Officer in the IDF
  • Team Leader and in parallel studying for a B.A in Computer Science – Academit in Tel Aviv Yaffo
  • A programmer and then a Team Leader in a start-up company while a student
  • The high-tech bomb explode – only a student
  • Traveling in Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica
  • Co – founder and first Chair of the Alumni organization in Acedemit in Tel Aviv Yaffo
  • Projects Manager in a start-up in McCann Erickson Israel
  • Software project manager in a start-up before and after its IPO
  • Professional Services
  • project manager for www.blogTV.com

All this should fit into a resume and an application along with my career aspiration and more.

Enjoy Coke, originally uploaded by yanec.

An Israeli blogger once wrote “My resume is longer than my father’s and grandfather’s combined” (free translation from here).

As I look at it each position gave me a new perspective and added a new field of knowledge. Between expertise and diversity until now I choose diversity.

My goal was to shift my career from  software development positions to business oriented ones, preferably with international customers. Hence, I kept choosing small companies in which you have a broader perspective and more fields to influence on, as in Strategy positions.

Worked on a school list, built strategy, passed my GMAT (660). The answer for “Why MBA?” was already thought about.

I worked with Lori Mendel and then with Rachel Korn.

Reading Rachel’s remarks, which followed a long strategy meeting, I realized that I still have some work to do.

Recommendation were sent. Rachel assisted me on an interview simulation.

It helped, I got in.