Books were published, articles posted, consultants all around the world are willing to advise.

Like any choice you take there are objective and subjective parameters to consider.

From The Library’s Roof, originally uploaded by yanec.


  • School rankings. Several are available: Business Week, US News, FT. I think that the most famous is BW’s
  • School’s enrollment data such as avarage GMAT, grades, years of experience
  • After graduation data – how many students found jobs, which industries, how long it took
  • What is it like to international stuudent – do they find jobs, which are the origin countries. The more divrse the school is the more rich the discussion will be
  • What size is the class (student body) – it’s easier to be noticed in among 200 students than among 800.
  • School’s location – A city like NY or a village like Ithaca


  • How famous is the school back in your country. Harvard and Stanford are well known in Israel. Emory was less heard of – for now.
  • Weather – Windy Chicago or sunny LA
  • Size of the Israeli/ Jewish community, or do i know anyone around

I made an initial list, built an Excel and started the process. My parameters were:

  • A top 20 school. Emory was there according to BW 04 rank. Now it’s temporarily not.
  • A small student body
  • City located school. Coming from Tel Aviv I asked for a big city but not hectic and expensive NY
  • A school that my personal profile will be acceptable in. Sorry Stanford, not me

Two schools achieved the first round

Goizueta – Due to the connection with Yigal (see this post), its city location and its size.

Cornell – Not really a big city, to say the least, but highly ranked

On December I went on a trip to visit schools. An open day in IESE in Barcelona was the triger (photos)

I added Maryland since I have family in Westminster and I wanted to meet a friend there (Hi Sandy).

I also paid a visit to Ithaca, were Tal and Inbal explained how interesting it is to do this MBA with a supportive spouse.

My friend Guy (his site) joined me to Berkley – due to the sun – and Stanford – I don’t give up dreams this fast.

I got back to Israel. Two days passed and I got the “Goizueta Congradulations” e-mail – I’m going to Emory!

Cornell, in case you wondered said no. But it was freezing anyway