A few months ago I read Think Strawberries.

After two weeks of errands before moving here to Atlanta and a week of new-city-errands I think it’s not really a common article among service suppliers.

They should read it to reclaim our trust again. 

Hacarmel Market Feb 09 2007 012, originally uploaded by yanec.

Our trust was hurt when:

  • A submitted form couldn’t be tracked
  • There was only a 1-800 number available for us to check about that form
  • And there was the longest automatic-what-should-I-press-answering system
  • Only one representative was able to take care of our special or regular request
  • And he is not available today/ by phone
  • Or even he doesn’t know the answer

You can regain our trust by:

  • Teach your people the optional scenarios of your customer – i.e. going abroad to study, coming without an apointment
  • Build a knowledge base (this can be a simple booklet) for these scenarios
  • Have a window for irregular questions, or make it available on your site..
  • Try to handle each and every one of your customers as he diserve your best efforts
  • Get a hold on the people with the knowledge and ask them to spread it. They will like to share, your organization will benefit 
  • Think Strawberries – I know I do