How to connect: New People, Welcome to Atlanta in Hebrew, Thinking in English, A New Apartment – Not Yet Home, Rebuilding Bicycles, Car – not Leased, Green, Lines, Counting, Coke and Huge

Thinking in English

Back in Israel I was afraid from the process of thinking about everything in Hebrew and than translating to English. Surprisingly it hardly happen. I think in English, beside a few embarrassing scenarios.

A new Apartment – Not Yet Home

$550 for two not so big rooms apartments in Tel Aviv were converted to a $650 apartment with a roommate and a pool in a complex. Wonderful deal.

It looks lie there are only complexes around.

The pool from the balcony, originally uploaded by yanec.

But then I joined Brandon, my roommate to a trip in the area – we found some houses, very nice ones.

Rebuilding Bicycles

After three days of errands it’s time to build the bicycles I brought with me from Israel.

I’m not an athlete, the bicycles are not of the most advanced type but it was cheaper to bring them with me and it’s another thing that brings a home feeling.

After borrowing tools from a friend I started too rebuild it. Ten minutes passed, almost over, but no! One screw is missing, left in Tel Aviv. Oops!


It all looks green. It looks like even the Downtown is only trees and some buildings between them. Trees requires rain – between the humid there is some rain. An hour or two and then sun, again. No wonder they call it Hot-Lanta


Everywhere. Like in Israel, but modern.

A computer decide on your priority. As a stranger with no SSN you are last, but not least. The service is amazing.

So you go to the DMV to get a license, with three friends and wait for seven (!) hours on the line.

And when you finally receive it, this is what happens

Finally license (self portrait), originally uploaded by yanec.


How many days before The Real Thing begins.

And how many new people I met, and how do you remember their name – so far pretty good.

And how much money did I spend – update the Excel

And how many books did I finished reading since I started waiting in the lines


Roberto C. Goizueta, the former CEO of Coke donated to school and it was called after his name.

The library as well as many other places Emory are named after Woodruff who was the CEO.

It feels like a Coca Cola place.


It’s all so big.

The roads, the stores, the Big Boxes, school.

So different from Israel.

Looks like i made a good choice.