How to connect: New People, Welcome to Atlanta in Hebrew, Thinking in English, A New Apartment – Not Yet Home, Rebuilding Bicycles, Car – not Leased, Green, Lines, Counting, Coke and Huge

First time in school, originally uploaded by yanec.

New People

  • A student from Brazil (Rodrigo), one from Uruguay (Diego) a German (Tobi) and me are now a family. Well not really a family just an AT&T Wireless family. I thought that it is complicated to choose a mobile program in Israel. Here it’s harder – and you don’t always have all the bars.
  • So many new people from so many nationalities: Latins, Indians, Turkish and many more. And every one have a funny accent. “The game” is to find which accent is funnier. I wonder how my accent sound like.

Welcome to Atlanta in Hebrew

  • Atir came to pick me up in the airport. After meeting him while visiting school in December I accepted dreadlocks, but he cut them. 7 AM after an hour in the immigration line. A yellow pic-up track that the one that people in surfing movies use to carry their surf boards and we put 3 suitcases and bicycles on it (200$ overweight). Two hours after that I’m in my new apartment – his until now with new towels and stuff from Kroger.
  • Friday night, Yigal picks me up and we go to meet Ohad, Ada and Eran. Atir joins us. Three former students, one that is currently in school and me. Following their stories I can’t wait for school to start
  • Friday night, a week after that – Rodrigo, Judd and I going to a synagogue. Atlanta has a very big Jewish community with so many types of synagogue (a list). We picked an Orthodox one, close to home Everybody notices that we are new there so we were kind of an attraction and people kindly offered us to join them for Shabat dinner.
  • Then we headed to a dinner – in a Chinese restaurant.
  • We finished the evening in a Latin party – after being the attraction earlier, I was the only person who couldn’t speak Spanish. At least I still remember some Salsa moves.

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