OR ‘When’

When do you realize that you better take a deep breath and not act like a 18 year old that gets his first car?

  • When you arrive to the car dealer
  • See a car you like
  • Don’t check it like you learned during from your father and grandfather years of old-cars-negotiation
  • And don’t notice the different colors on different parts – This usually means a huge reconstruction.
  • And take it to a mechanic, who explains to you with an accent, worse than your Israeli one
  • That you better stay away from this car
  • And when you take the car back to the dealer he insist to leave your $200 deposit for himself

When do you realize that you are You again, sane and rationale?

  • When you argue and get your deposit back
  • When on the day after this incident, a week after you started your car search
  • You find one
  • From a student
  • Who is about to move to another state in two days
  • And negotiate a $600 discount

Introducing my new Nissan Altima

Getting Washed, originally uploaded by yanec.

When do you realize that you actually moved?

When you say In My City and actually mean Atlanta, for the first time

And some more When-s

  • You understand that no more errands require on your home country – When you wake up on 2 am waiting for a phone call to aoorove (almost) all your money to be transfer
  • You find out that in any situation someone will try to earn more money from enthusiastic customers – When in the title office you can pay $20 for a Normal title or $75(!) for a personalized one
  • You realize It’s a Small World – When the first car dealer you randomly choose happend to be from your country