How do you count the weeks?

Friday afternoon in Israel is my preferred time of the week: Quite streets, the beach. It can be so addictive that I’ve imported it to my life here, but the Americans didn’t, yet.

And on Saturday night end-of-weekend-sadness falls on me, and I don’t want the week to start tomorrow. But on Sunday I realize it’s still the weekend -cool! I earned another day.

And how to write about so many experiences (Maryland, names, Summer concert, World of Coca-Cola, Aquarium)


I’ve bought a car, no more errands – I hope. Time for a family visit. I took a flight to visit Rachel and Harald in Maryland. So peaceful, so laid back, so nice to spend the weekend with them, to see how they shop, what they read, what they watch on TV (Mad Money – watch it)

And the best part is to discover together new places, like this one:

Freindly Farm – Sign 2, originally uploaded by yanec.

International Names

Monday morning, flying back from Maryland and on the evening a first formal meeting of all the International Student. Such a diverse group on one hand but with so many shared characteristics: weird accent, funny names – I think that each of our names sounds funny to at least one person.Trying some tricks to remember the names

  • Repat it – this makes you sound so funny
  • Trying to link between the name and a characteristic
  • Asking for the meaning – I liked Shardul which means Lion in Hindu (Seating in the picture below)

Summer Concert in Hot-lanta

The MBA Office organize many activities for us, the Internationals: introducing the city, learning about regulations etc. Fortunately I’ve arrived two weeks ago and I am ready to start school and skip the lectures.

But to most of the activities I join with pleasure. We took the train, a hot August afternoon, very hot. The first opportunity to learn about Atlanta’s nick name Hot-lanta. Final station – a summer concert in the Centennial Park.

Music, a lot of fun, many funny moments, many people, with plastic chairs and umbrellas against the sun. Reminds me of an Israeli beach concert.

throw your hands up in the air, originally uploaded by yanec

The World of Coca-Cola and Aquarium

Tourists attraction that are even more attractive in a group of 50, still strangers, with a shared goal – to integrate.