U-turn, Baseball, Speed-Dating


After (too) many u-turns you think that you familiarized yourself with the area.

And then you go to meet a friend who arrived from California (Hi Guy) and you memorize your exit number – there are much more than in Tel Aviv. And on your way back you think you are smart and instead of 88 uses 89 because you think you know where does N Druid Dr lead to, and it cost you – half an hour of u-turns since each turn looks like I Know This Place, I’ve Been Here Before – well I didn’t!

More attractions, Baseball this time, and you probably miss home since the man who sells hot dogs reminds you of your brother’s best friend

Vendor, originally uploaded by yanec.


A bit boring. Well maybe more than a bit. But I will learn to enjoy it. No? I’ve learned the language or at least how to boo when Barry Bonds, who just a week ago broke the home runs record  – hit against your new team.

And suddenly, HOME RUN and Kentaro, a Japanese friend who is the greatest Braves fan I know hugs me and we are all jumping. Fun. Strange.

Gadi, Raienier and Kantaro, originally uploaded by yanec.

Speed Dating

Speed-Networking is the official name of an evening in which we are suppose to deliver our Elevator Pitch for the first time in front of alumni. An elevator pitch is originated in the entrepreneur\angel scenario in which you are meeting an optional angel on an elevator ride and you must deliver your message before the elevator gets to his/her floor.

Groups of four, meeting two alumni,. Who am I, what did I do before, why should you hire me – simulate, get feedback, move on.

You know your story, your background, why did you choose Goizueta etc. Even though, on the first time you stammer. On the second time less. And you try to keep good eye-contact, and to make sure you have a firm hand shake, and different body language tips you read about are suddenly being tested.

And on the third time you take a deep breath, and the feedback is amazing – consider the fact that it’s your first evening.

And then, when the official part is over you go on your own to two people you haven’t met before, you give them your pitch, the like it, and they ask you for lunch. Cool.

Now let’s practice.