On Sunday (I still have to realize that the weeks starts on Monday) I went to The Jewish Festival in the JCC

I joined the volunteers in organizing the event. Interesting community, so much different than living in a Jewish country. I’ll be back there.

Lead Week

Leadership is one of the Goizueta’s most important aspect and a lead week opens each semester in Goizueta.

Prior to each Lead Week we are requested to read a book. We bought What’s Got You Here Won’t Get You There. An interesting book, but I think it can be shorter, and have it in a paperback edition. Due to the volunteer work I didn’t finish.

On Monday we held a mandatory discussion about the book – four minutes long. Feeling obligated I kept reading it during the week. Interesting ideas, I will probably use some of them.

And right after the book discussion Lead Week begins. Class examples, reading and all the subject are linked to each other.

Finally it feels like Business School where we are getting prepared “Not only to our first job but to our fifth one as well”

Goizueta – main building and square, originally uploaded by yanec.