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It takes some courage (and physical ability) to climb a wood wall, it takes some more to jump onto it and try to pass it.

You should free your mind and the rest will follow says the song. Free your mind, believe in your new friends and do nothing. Just let the group that supports you on the ground and the two people up there to help you pass the wall. It take sometime to build trust I think. Sometime you have no choice – I did it.

After too long period of tension – GMAT, essays, work, moving a country errands, I just let it go. I think I looked like her, it was too fast, I can’t really recall.

Climb!, originally uploaded by yanec.


But this was after we got to the camp, and they split us by sections and made us play funny games like Silly Olympics and after we felt – or at least I did – like in a third grade party.


And after we got a note with our name and an animal name and we covered our eyes pretty tied and each of us had to imitate the animal’s sound. 179 people imitating sounds, each in his own language – funny.

So after that the language differences made it hard to me to find a horse who, at least in English, sounds like NEYHAI met my project team: Aaron, Julie, Surabhi, and Todd.


After each task we get together, and give feedback: How you felt, and how closer to the group did it make you feel. Interesting, but sometime a wall pass only reflect upon yourself, not upon your relationship with a newly met team

flickr and Career

I took many photos which I publish on my flickr account. Three different people asked me to be careful with it since future employers are searching candidates profile on line. That’s OK. I use my flickr professionally. I like photography, I don’t shoot silly pictures

Walla?! (Hebrew: I can’t believe it)

The pick was when we climbed a log. Me, tied, on a log, standing, turning around…

Standing me, originally uploaded by yanec.

And Jump!

Me – after, originally uploaded by yanec.