Orientation Week. I didn’t have one on my undergrad in Israel. It sounds interesting.

As an undergrad they teach you how to behave in class, what is the dress code, what you can and what you cannot do. In Grad school you guess you will have the credit for already knowing it – unfortunately you don’t – so you have to learn it all again.

The cool things about it:

  • All organized . All the information is delivered beforehand. Where to park, what to wear
  • Good fast food daily. Each day from a different place Panera, The Varsity
  • Energetic Dean, personal approach – although we are 180 students. With him Leadership Professor. Two young Professors with plenty of confidence. A cool way to start.

Interim Associate Dean – Dr. Steve Walton, originally uploaded by yanec.

  • A lot of transparency, a lot of statistical data: actors agent, an air-force pilot, two students who just graduated.
  • Presenting the CMC – Career Management Center. An interesting say by former students is quoted “If I find a job – I did the work by myself. If I don’t – It’s the CMC to blame”. Wrong. They are a great tool in the job search, and they are gonna be our first source of knowledge

Next week: Outside camp in WinShape. The rumor has it that it’s gonna be tough.

One night out of home with a party in the evening – how hard can it be?