Waking up at 6:40, or at least snoozing for the first time. Getting out of bed at 7:00

First class at 8:15, last class ends at 11:15 and twice a week at 2:15. Section A – s short day.

Is it really short?

Well, not really, since just after the last class there is always something to do: Five courses, Apples for New Year, Resume editing, National Black MBA, Company Presentation, Lower Interest Rate

Students from the class of 08 and alumni claimed that Orientation is like a honey moon and then the real thing starts.

I had no idea how true it is.

I can’t even find time to shoot pictures.

School 013, originally uploaded by yanec.

Five courses

Six different teaching methods.

Each of the Professors published his syllabus. Each syllabus opens with some personal words to the class – which I’ve found to be real and not just cliches – and then a list of subjects by session. Each session with its objective and a to-read list.

So I’ve started reading, 30 pages from this book, 5 pages from that case, and I’ve marked and highlighted.

And then the class looked so much different – the reading is just the base to discussion. There are so many other things that the Prof. talks about.

There is no way I will be able to read it all, I’ll work on finding a balance.

Five courses, six methods – one send the lecture’s deck by email, one has no deck, the other publish it on First Class – a weird email client with too many red flags.

Apples for New Year

For a hundred and eighty people

I tried to arrange it with the Goizueta Jewish Life club, one of the many clubs in school, but it didn’t work due to hectic schedule, and the NBMBA conference, hereunder.

So Julie and Harriet helped me to cut them, dip them in honey and hand them out of the class.

Apples and honey – This Jewish tradition is used to wish people a sweet new year.

Resume Editing

This is a long process with soooo many iterations

It actually started a few weeks before I even arrived to Atlanta

  • Sent it
  • Received comments
  • Edited, and sent it again
  • Each time I’ve found something new to approve
  • And you have to pay attention to have a unified format
  • And emphasize numbers
  • And present your achievements and not simply description as I did in my Hebrew version
  • And all in one page
  • All for Wednesday, since on Thursday I am flying to Orlando for NBMBA

National Black MBA

NBMBAA is an annual career conference.

It includes lectures, workshops and most important – a career fair.

Companies from all around the country are there and it’s the first opportunity you have to meet with them after you practiced in school.

First time to deliver your Elevator Pitch and see the reactions to it and to your resume.A great experience.

I took an early flight with SpiritAir which was really nice.

Dressed to success I put presented myself to people, for real.

You can’t compare it to anything in school, but thanks to our CMC I was ready.

Most of the companies had mainly full time positions available yet. So I will wait to the Hispanic conference NSHMBA

Company Presentation Business Casual, reading about the company, free food and above all a great opportunity to meet people who will you network with when the time will come.The presentations start late in the evening, and then I go home, and start working for tomorrow. My friend Judd claimed we actually have two full-time jobs. I agree.Lower Interest RateThe Fed decision to cut the interest rate. The price of the iPhone was sliced down.

Normally I will read about it in (too many) blogs. Now I have the opportunity to hear about it from professionals.

All of our professors talked about these subjects this week, explaining them with their course material.

Prof. Hill replied to a question I had with a very descriptive explanation about the whole excitement with rates’ cut.

That’s what I looked for when I came here.