My last post was a month ago.

Since then I’ve studied, I’ve been to Houston, been elected, and had midterms – No extra time to blog


As i said on my previous post it’s relay a Full Time MBA. My day is full with MBA’s activities – lessons, home-works and finding an internship.

I’ve finally found the balance, or at least I thought I did.


After my experience in National Black MBA I’ve decided to join my Latin friends and to other classmates and went to Houston for National Society of Hispanic MBA. A career friend with many more companies in which I spent three days.

We’ve started to get ready two weeks in advance: We bought shirts, ties, suits according to what was missing on our wardrobe.

The results:

Getting ready, originally uploaded by yanec.

This was an interesting experience. Most of the companies were looking for people with work permits and offered full time positions. At least I gained some experience and practiced my presentation skills.

See you next year in Atlanta.

Got elected

Sushma and I are the class representative to the BizTech club.

My goal is to bring more technology companies to Goizueta, and to allow my classmates to understand the important role that technology has in today’s business world.

To me technology is my tool, like Operations


The balance I’ve found was OK, but then I’ve realized I have to study hard for my exams.

Five exams, in a week.

I asked friend to refer me to a coffee place with no Starbucks or Caribou logo on it and went to Inman Perk – A very nice place, people with laptops all around and a real(!) espresso machine. I’ll spend some time here.

No extra time to blog

At least I had some time to read non-school stuff. Well not relay reading, more like falling-asleep-while-trying-to-read

Wired and Men’s Vogue – Which I got as a farewell present from Elionora