Halloween, Party, Drought and Spaghetti


The grocery stores, the houses the parties, all pumpkins and orange colors: Decorations, special lines of products I like it.

Spiders nets, skulls, some will probably stay till Christmas.

Cat and Pumpkin, originally uploaded by yanec.


Einat and me going to Little Five Points to find a custom. Nice area, resonates Sheinkin St. in Tel Aviv.

Einat had an idea – The Beatles, so we got a red hat, painted red dots like a real beetles.

We felt special.

And then we got to the Law school’s party. All the others were way more specials: Olympic trainers, Fred and Wilma Flinstone, a man wearing his own shower. Amazing.

Coming from Israel with so many American TV series as reference I though about the Jewish holiday of Purim and Beverly Hills 90210

So when many people get drunk and every body drinking responsibly, limousine is the most common vehicle around.

The Beatles, originally uploaded by yanec.


The president of Emory university sent us an email discussing the level 4 drought in Georgia and how will the university act accordingly.

Watching the news I realized that it’s a really big challenge. I recalled my first post in which I was excited from the rain – I had no idea how much rain is rare here.


Every morning on my way to school I listen to NPR – that’s my way to keep updated.

The traffic announcement always mention Spaghetti junction and every day I write to myself a mental note to google it. This week I finally had a chance to do it.

Spaghetti Junction in DeKalb County, Georgia - the Tom Moreland Interchange - from above.
Spaghetti Junction in DeKalb County, Georgia – the Tom Moreland Interchange – from above