On one hand it feels like school just started and I can’t believe that quarter of this amazing experience/ adventure is already behind me.

On the other hand, this was a long an intensive semester.

A short list of what I already did:

  • Study
  • Sky dive
  • Network
  • Discovered other Israeli MBA-bloggers
  • Much more

My Spring to do list

  • GMSC
  • More technology
  • Innovation activity
  • Assist in bringing more Israelies to campus
  • Find an internship


I didn’t realize how much I’ve learned until the last days of the semester:

Read the WSJ in a different way; Building a decision model; Working in a team with very smart team members; Purge the number of blog I constantly read and still enjoy a lot of knowledge; Speak in a different language – English, Business English and cultural nuances

Sky Dive

A nice Goizueta tradition is to sky diving. This is usually done by the first-years in the last days of the semester.

Like any good tradition – not everyone adopt it.

I did. I could hardly found the words to describe it, and I couldn’t compare it to anything I did before.

This brought me to the point that when I was asked in the video the only word I have found was Amazing!

IMG_7465, originally uploaded by yanec.



What is my network, who should it include, should i base it on my interests only (art, consulting, technology, marketing, to name few). No, I’ll include people who interest me


During company presentations. Afterwords. Sending emails, waiting for reply.

Building a list of target companies, finding alumni there, writing them, meeting them – Goizueta’s network is one to be proud about.

Using LinkedIn (my profile) to find people, connecting with people in the blogsphere.

Discovered other Israeli MBA-bloggers

CS@HBS discovered my Hebrew blog and wrote me. I still don’t know his/her details but in his blogroll I’ve found Isaac Katzav Ross 09′, Yariv Hammer INSEAD 09′ and Gidi Bibliowicz McCombs 08′.

Always nice to meet new friends.

Much More

Section feud, BAPS temple, International potluck, Golf (just a first time), DIA, Econ, Leading people, Thursday’s Kegs

Thursday outside, originally uploaded by yanec.