My to do list for the Spring semester includes

  • GMSC
  • Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consultancy. A unique opportunity to work as a consultant for a real company solving a real business question.

    I am a part of a team that will work with a leading beverage company. It will allow me to build the skills for a consultant, to be as innovative as I may, to work with an American team, to use all of the knowledge I’ve gained during the years.

  • More technology
  • As a technology savvy I wish there was more of this aspect in school. To my perspective technology is an important tool, from debates on You Tube (Republican/ Democratic).

    I would try to bring more technology companies to campus as a class representative to the BizTech club. I will try to bring some technology resources for everyone, from i-bankers to CPG marketers.

  • Innovation activity
  • In today’s economy when all the companies have similar production resources I believe that what takes a company forward is innovation.

    Innovation is not only about a cool new media player. It’s also about how your supply chain act, how your HR hire and how you build new skills among your employees and many more aspects. And it’s about new business ideas like Kiva or Vitamin Water.

    Back in Israel I had the opportunity to invent additional features and products while in the roles I held.

    Now I would like to leverage the wonderful knowledge available among the Goizueta’s faculty and establish a set of workshops or panels.

    A good role model may be the Center for Social Innovation in Stanford’s GSB.


    From the cafeteria, originally uploaded by yanec.

  • Assist in bringing more Israeli to campus
  • The more Israeli that will arrive to school the better name we will be able to build for our school in Israel.

    The first steps are already taking place: Being part of the Goizueta Ambassadors and writing my Hebrew blog which brought the school to the attention of a few prospective students.

  • Find an internship
  • Consulting, Strategy, Innovation or Technology. These are my options.