This post was originally posted on the blog that my MBA class (2009) was running,

My name is Yaniv and I would like to welcome you to the blog of the Goizueta Business School’s students.
I am a student in the Full Time MBA program, class of 2009.

  • I spend most of my day there – Maybe that’s why it is called Full Time MBA
    My busy schedule does not allow me to update my blog
  • I hardly find time to take pictures. But I did take some nice ones when school started. The one hereunder was shot back in July

And I love it!

Enjoy Coke Originally uploaded by yanec
  • It’s only the second semester and I have already learned a few new languages: Economics, Accounting, Leading People, and I can even say some more words in (broken) Spanish
  • I am among a great community. Students are competing for grades, but are still willing to study together and share informational study guides.
  • Our Career Management Center has provided me with opportunities to combine my technology background and my business aspirations.
  • I am fulfilling a childhood dream of mine by participating in a real world project with The Coca-Cola Company.

In this blog, we will be sharing many of our experiences as well as some aspects of Goizueta that are unique to the school. So, here is an interesting experience I had last week:

Goizueta Plus (or G+) class – building presentation and inter-personal skills. Our Dean, Prof. Steve Walton, just tought us how to communicate a story and I was about to tell one about a random subject in front of 180 students. Usually, I have no problems speaking, but I had great difficulty with this situation. I took a deep breath as my face turned red and my heart started pounding. Hopefully my classmates couldn’t tell that I hadn’t read the directions before class. Now, Go! Three minutes and it’s over. Feedback – I think they liked it. It really appears to be a great way to practice for future presentations.

Update: The class of 2010 started a new blog, called Voice of GBS. Please visit to read about their experience in school.