Internship, GMSC, Club President, ATDC


With the assistance of our Career Management Center I found a very interesting internship in SAP America’s Atlanta office. I’ve practiced some mock interview, worked on my resume, learned about the company and passed tree rounds of interviews to become an intern in the Value Engineering division (an interesting explanation of what it means).

Once a week until school year end and full time during the summer I will take part in management-consulting-like process with future customers of SAP. This will allow me to combine my technology expertise with a lot of new knowledge I have gained in school.


I briefly wrote about it in the previous post and ever since it started I hardly had time to post anything. 

  • (At least) five meetings a week
  • A team built of five American students and me. Each with different expectations
  • Theoretical classes
  • A lot of consulting like work that follow them
  • Analyzing a business case for Coca Cola
  • Building an issue tree to make the problem clearer
  • Revising it
  • And revising again
  • Meeting with consumers and suppliers
  • Building our first ever survey
  • Analyzing its results
  • This is going to be interesting

Snowed Goizueta, originally uploaded by yanec

Club President

After serving as a class representative to the BizTech club I was appointed as the club president for the coming year.

On my first year I fonud that

  • Technology club is not a good name. It deters all the people who don’t like Technology. We will need a better name
  • The place that technology has in today’s business world is not always clear. In a class where almost everyone has a facebook profile and students are affiliated with at least one Goizueta group on Linked In group, professors constantly using YouTube examples (The Office, used in Leadership class) there is a room to learn how to use technology to create a buzz, build a SEO campaign and so on
  • A small club with such a name needs to take smaller steps (see ATDC hereunder) and to cooperate with other clubs 

Hence, my goals for the coming year are

  • Working with the club leadership and with the faculty to emphasise the place of technology in business
  • Cooperate with other clubs to bring value for members of the clubs. An example may be a Marketing/ Technology career trek to the Silicon Valley
  • Build stronger connections with the technology community in Atlanta
  • Leverage the alumni network to develop careet opportunities and knowledge sharing for the students


A few weeks ago I have started an initiative to offer the services of the members of the Business Technology club to portfolio companies of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) in Atlanta.

The idea: to offer business services such as marketing research and strategy consulting to companies in order to both assist the companies in their initial steps and to help the students to gain a real-time business experience.

Following the idea of small steps to big success and with the assistance of Prof. Benn KonsynskiI have reached out to a portfolio company of the ATDC and my classmate Kunal Gajwani started to develop a marketing project with them.

Once this project will succeed we will try to develop others in order to build a long relationship.