This is a traditional leader – Roberto Crispulo Goizueta.

The man who had the courage to change the taste of Coca Cola and the courage to admit his mistake and bring back Coke Classic. 

Roberto C. Goizueta – portrait, originally uploaded by yanec.

Lately I have completed reading the book The Future of Management by Gary Hamel

Management Lab - The Future of ManagementGary Hamel

I have first learned about Hamel’s work from the web site of Management Lab and later learned about the innovation revolution his team in Strategos led in Whirlpool in a HBS case.

In an amazing book Hamel describes the status of the science of management – a science that did not develop for many years now and no reach a crucial point. The Internet and the ease of communication, the glocalization of companies and workforce, the evolved human needs and capabilities are all managed by outdated tools. The End of Management is the title Hamel chose for this era.

And the solution? – Management Innovation

The book describes a few examples of companies who re-invented management. I personally liked the examples of Jeff Severts in BestBuy and Ricardo Semler in Semco.

Hamel uses those examples to define a set of rules for management innovation:

“To solve a systemic problem, you need to understand its systemic roots.
At least initially, it’s easier, and safer, to supplement an existing management process than supplant it. (Run the new in parallel with the old.)
Commit to revolutionary goals, but take evolutionary steps.
Be clear about the performance metrics your innovation is designed to improve.
Start by experimenting in your “own back yard,” where the political risks are the lowest.
Whenever possible, rely on volunteers.
Diffuse potential objections by keeping your experiments fun and informal.
Iterate: Experiment, learn, experiment, learn.
Don’t give up: Innovators are persistent!”

I found myself following these rules before I have read the book with small initiative I took over the years from finding volunteers among my colleagues for a new product development to experiment in my “own back yard” with a cooperation between Goizueta and the ATDC.

To my opinion, the ideas in the book are revolutionaries and they will resonate in the coming years. I know they will shape the way I will lead.

I would like to share those ideas and bring them to the knowledge of my classmates. Goizueta is a Leadership school, I wonder how Roberto C. Goizueta would have approach The Future of Leadership.

 Last May Mr. Hamel held an invitation only conference to Reinvent The Future of Management. I did not receive an invitation. I think I will try to organize a conference and invite him.

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