We are married

Hand in Hand, originally uploaded by yanec.

Our parents helped us putting our wedding together.

Well, our parents planned, organized and did all the work and we simply choose a DJ, photographer and a hotel.

We came for a two weeks visit, first one in a year for me and second one for Einat. We planned to catch it all – meet our friends, meet all the service provider before the wedding, visit the wedding place, travel with Rainier, Tatiana, Rodrigo and Tatiana. Oh, and we planned to get some rest before the second year starts…

It was exciting, full of adrenaline, exhausting and above all FUN!

But you are not here, I guess, for the stories but for the pictures, so here we go:

From the wedding-day arrangements through the getting ready pictures, when the excitement is high, and the huppah – the Jewish wedding ceremony – to the last kiss in front of the cameras.

I started my day with Rainier and Tati who arrived after a week in Egypt.

Rainier and Tati in Manta Ray, originally uploaded by yanec.

My brother Gilad offered to go to the beach Rai and Tati were hungry so we combined and went to Manta Ray, on the beach of Tel Aviv. I think they liked it, since the compared most of the food we later had to this one.

I didn’t need any excuses to be on the beach again after a year in Atlanta

Einat was already in the – Hotel Montifiore, to get ready

Hotel Montefiore, originally uploaded by yanec.

This used to be my favorite gallery and when I heard that it’s becoming a hotel, I knew we will spend our wedding night there. using flickr, I contacted them before the opening and reserved a room.

Great hotel, we will get back there.

Make-up Artist in work, originally uploaded by yanec.

Although I carried the grown all the way to and from the airport I was not allowed to see it, or Einat before the evening so I stayed in the car, waiting, while everyone went to say hi.

We got back home and Gilad and me went to the hotel to get dressed as a groom.

The photographer was already there, so we started taking some crazy pictures.

Jumpppppp, originally uploaded by yanec..

I saw this picture on flickr , while I was looking for photographers, and now I asked for a homage

Einat agreed to cooperate

Two jumpers, originally uploaded by yanec.

We choose Rothschild and the park as our locations for pre-wedding pictures. One is in the center of Tel Aviv and the other is near the apartments we used to live in – our favorite area in the city.

Look, it’s superman!, originally uploaded by yanec.

Sunset on the river, originally uploaded by yanec.

And to the wedding.

Got excited, really excited, signed the ketubah – the formal wedding agreement

Signing, originally uploaded by yanec.

We held a huppah – amazing feeling

Huppah, originally uploaded by yanec.

I broke the glass

Breaking the glass, originally uploaded by yanec.

Our first solo dance was a great quality time in a long crazy happy evening

First dance, laughing, originally uploaded by yanec.

We took some shots

Lehaim, originally uploaded by yanec.

Danced with friends

singing circle, originally uploaded by yanec.

Dancing friends, originally uploaded by yanec.

Clap for Einat, originally uploaded by yanec.

Our frienf made us dance even when we were too tired

Yalla Balagan, originally uploaded by yanec.

We used our last photo ops before going home for our special guests and great friends

Emory gang, originally uploaded by yanec.

We just got the video and it seems like a great opportunity to write a post.

And here is a link to all the other 394 pictures. Enjoy

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