I was invited by our Dean, JB Kurish, to take part in a marketing task force he is leading. JB leads a few task forces that include students, faculty, alumni and key people in school.

Back in June, I have posted about using Marketing Apple to market Goizueta and this task force allows me to be part of this important effort.

A few days ago, we held a meeting with the Marketing and Communication department of Goizueta Business School to learn about their work in general and with the MBA program. The team presented their work with the different programs in Goizueta (BBA, MBA, Executive MBA, Evening MBA) in the focusing on PR and marketing.  They described their work with the different customers of Goizueta – prospective students, employers, school’s faculty, faculty in other schools, business schools’ Deans and alumni.

We  held a great discussion in which we learned about the challenges of marketing Goizueta, the methods used by the marketing department.

Goizueta building, originally uploaded by yanec.

In my opinion, here are some of the unique challenges in marketing a business school:

  1. Building and maintaining the school’s brand name is a long and hard process. It requires covering the academic world, alumni success, employers’ relationships and more.
  2. MBA programs have to target different customers. Each type of customer requires a different message and there is no easy way to target them uniformly.
  3. Different programs in the school require different messages (Executive MBA, MBA, BBA etc.).

I discovered that the marketing department uses various marketing tools like brochures, press releases etc.

They recently started to utilize tools new media like blogs, flickr and iTunes:

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