Following my post about the marketing task force and Wall Street Journal’s The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World in (via Ravit Lichtenberg) I started to explore the web 2.0 options for marketing Goizueta.

I explored the use of web 2.0 methods by leading business schools. Than, I tried to develop a few marketing ideas for Goizueta that are using web 2.0 methods.

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Web 2.0 in Leading Business Schools

For this list I explored the information about the top 30 business schools according to the Business Week ranking.

  1. blogs by Admission and Dean – I created a lens in that explores the use of blogs by leading MBA programs
  2. blogs by MBA professors, mainly following this list of top 50 business professors blogs
  3. YouTube channels – I created a list of YouTube channels operated by business schools I discovered that about 50% of the top 30 schools have their own channels, in which they publish admission information, lectures and videos of events in the school.

Web 2.0 marketing in Goizueta – ideas

The WSJ article I’ve mentioned above offer the following principals for marketers:

  1. Don’t just talk at consumers — work with them throughout the marketing process
  2. Give consumers a reason to participate
  3. Listen to — and join — the conversation outside your site
  4. Resist the temptation to sell, sell, sell
  5. Don’t control, let it go
  6. Find a ‘marketing technopologist
  7. Embrace experimentation

The ideas hereunder are based on the article’s principles:

  • BloGoizueta – a blogging platform with posts by alumni, students and faculty – This will allow a constant information flow between the school and the business community. In addition it will serve as a place for consumers (prospective students, faculty from other schools etc.) to participate in the discussion
  • Goizueta Business Ideas – A website with constant updates about business events and research by people from Goizueta and outside. Harvard set a great example with Harvard Business Blogs
  • Newsletter – Knowledge@Emory is a great newsletter and it can be expanded into a YouTube channel like the Knowledge@Wharton’s channel

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