Zappos is holding a 2-day Live event on July14 and 15, and I really want to participate!

This post serves 3 goals:

  1. Talking about how much and why culture is important to me
  2. Explaining why I want to be one of 20 and go to the conference
  3. Applying for the only(!) blog-scholarship to the conference (it costs a lot and I can’t afford a month after business school)

How much and why culture is important to me

  • Culture and specifically the way to lead it is my passion, and it led me to the Goizueta Business School
  • I believe that an organization with a positive culture can go a long way, survive when it faces challenges and thrive
  • My career path includes army service, start up companies, internship for a corporate and now helping a not-for-profit. It’s a mix of cultures and I’ve learned a lot from each of them. I aim high. It’s important for me to learn from these culture experiences and to influence my future colleagues through culture.
  • I believe that it is important to understand culture and to teach it. It will improve the quality of our life and even the result of our business.
  • For the last year I am working to develop a conference in my school with the title The Future of Leadership, which will bring together some great business leaders to discuss various ideas around how to lead a business with better culture.
  • I love Purple Cows – culture is a key ingredient in creating a purple cow

Why do I apply to Zappos Insights Live

  • I am facinated by Zappos story and culture.
  • It led me to speaking about Zappos in class a few times. Specifically giving the example of paying employees to quit and the importance of this to the culture.
  • After watching the video of Tony Hsieh talk in BIF-4 (link) I wrote him an email. He replied (how many CEOs do?), telling me that they are sending me the Zappos Culture book. It arrived after two days. I took it to class too.
  • In a market where too many companies use diversity as a buzzword, Zappos does it (read the book)
  • On his email Tony invited me to come to attend a company visit. These Live-2-days seems like a good chance.

Why am I asking for a scholarship

  • My loan
  • I will keep spreading the word and promote culture, because I believe it’s essential (see above)

Please read their 10 Core Values and visit to learn more about Zappos Insight

Zappos core values, originally uploaded by Robert Scoble.