Will I be able to post (almost) every day for 100 days?

Recently I have realized that I hardly post any more. I tweet about issues that interest me, I share my thoughts with friends and colleagues in conversations and emails but produce I have no new posts.

A few days ago, Chris Brogan posted a post titled How to Blog Almost Every Day. The President of New Marketing Labs, Chris is a marketing expert and his blog is a must read for any marketing person.

Trust Chris Brogan, originally uploaded by CC Chapman.

In his post, Chris lists 14 tips and refer to an earlier post titled 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write. After reading that list I made it my challenge: Starting tomorrow I will blog (almost) every day on the 100 topics offered.

Stay tuned.

Funny: I have searched a good image for 20 min, and then found this one which I took, a little over 2 years ago when I started my Atlanta journey.
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