How I use facebook? – As a TV and as an amplifier – and I need to change it.

Chris Brogan’s 100 Blog Topics list made this question my first post of The 100 Posts Challenge and it took me a while to find the right answer to it.

I have opened a facebook account over 4 years ago. As a devoted reader of Mashable, facebook to me was a yet-another-social-media network. I couldn’t really find the value in it or differentiate it from other web 2.0 sites I was using. And then it became The-Social-Media-Network.

The network effect was a key to facebook’s success and by the time I’ve started business school, you couldn’t avoid it – most of my classmates had an account and I added them. Then more and more friends in Israel joined and people I haven’t seen for years were suddenly only a-friend-request-away.

Those were the days…., by Temari 09. Spirale sleeping on my amplifier v2, by dunglas.

facebook as a TV

Like my TV, I only open facebook once a day for a short period of time. Sometime i leave it open while I am doing other things and I don’t feel sad of meesing an update, video, comment or a FarmVille achievement.

I appreciate the privilege my friends gave me to read about their life, but I find it strange to be one of the tens of birthday wishes (I prefer to call, or send a personal eCard) or join a wall-to-wall discussion that wasn’t meant to me even if it’s available on my news  feed (I do use the personal messages quite frequently).

When I really have something important to tell a friend, I would probably use a personal communication mean.

facebook as an amplifier

With 148 feeds on my Google reader and almost 300 people I follow on twitter, I read a lot and tend to share or RT things I find interesting. Since many of my friends are using facebook, but not twitter, I use facebook to automatically post my tweets.

I must admit that some of them look pretty strange when posted on facebook (i.e. #followfriday @kottkeorg, @trypennington, @ideastorm, @moranlavie)

Need to change it

Unlike TV, facebook deserve more attention and I plan to take part in more conversation there. Can’t promise to play FarmVille, though.

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