How do I embrace my blog readers?

I look at my readers as smart partners and as valuable customers. I embrace them according to these rules:

  1. Assume my audience is smart, sometime smarter than me.
  2. Listen – any perspective can light my view and add to my knowledge.
  3. Communicate – reply, send an email if it’s available.
  4. Follow back – It will allow me to learn more about my readers opinions, experience and points of view.

I have learned that my readers belong to three main groups: friends, family and prospective Goizueta students. I assume that as I will write more, and market my blog more, I will have additional readers from various other groups.

With an average of about 10 visits per day and only 43 comments since I have opened my blog in 2006 I can look at my blog as a (too) small business.

With these numbers it’s like this empty room in the Boston library – not so many people, but those who are here have real interest in the content.

Boston Central Library, originally uploaded by yanec.

Jason Falls has an interesting post about embracing your audience. It’s part of a recommended conversation initiated
by Mitch from Six Pixels of Separation.

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