How does LinkedIn empower my job search and my career?

  1. Meet people – LinkedIn allows me to meet new people through my current network and through the groups I am a member of. For example, while preparing to a business trip in California back in July, I have contacted various people from my groups. Two weeks of meetings were quickly filled up with very interesting and willing to help people.
  2. Establish my reputation – The description of the companies I have worked for and the work done allow people to better understand what my skills are and how I can help them in their own business.
  3. Find job listings by relevant companies – LinkedIn search engine is pretty powerful. It allows looking for companies in my field of interest and learn about them. Company profiles, the career paths of its employees and the progress od people within a company are useful when I consider a company.
  4. Improve my interview preparation – Learn about the interviewer, find people in my network that are working for the target company and chat with them, learn about new hires and what are their skills that were relevant for the company.
  5. Assist my friends – Through LinkedIn I am able to introduce my friend to people they are interest to meet as business partners or future employers. Since I value my friends and believe in them, I am always happy to help.
  6. Improve my search engine results -My blog, twitter and flickr account, all enjoy the high credibility of LinkedIn. You can use the “other” option on the description  to have better results on search engines for people who search for you.
  7. Find experts in my field – When I prepare to a meeting or learn a new subject I find it useful to search for professionals in the relevant field on LinkedIn. Experts with well-maintained profiles share presentations, link to their websites and blogs.
  8. LearnLinkedIn Answers is a valuable source of discussions. The questions asked get picked up by experts in various areas like business operations, finance and marketing. These Q&A allow to meet new people, prepare to interviews and learn about the subjects I find interesting.
  9. Share knowledge – When checking the questions by other users, I enjoy sharing from my experience. The most recent example was as I was searching for information for this post.
  10. Groups activity – As a member of various groups I am learning about new job listings, conferences, issues that matter to people who share the same interest and background with me and more.

Some interesting reading about LinkedIn as a job search tool are available by Guy Kawasaki (1, 2), Giga Om’s Web Worker Daily and JobWhiz’s Debra Feldman in CIO magazine.

LinkedIn MerlinWizard, originally uploaded by Adriano Gasparri.

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