What can your business learn from flickr?

Founded on February 2004, flickr achieved the amazing mark of 4 billion (4,000,000,000) pictures on October 12 2009. This means over 1,900,000 per day or a little over 106,000 pictures since I’ve started to write this post.

There are a few valuable lessons your business can learn from flickr success. They are relevant for an onlilne orfor a brick and mortar business.

flickr Badges, originally uploaded by poolie.
  • Innovate – flickr constantly introduces new features to enhance the experience of its user on one hand and to make the site look better for it’s random visitors. Two recent examples are the people tagging option and the new search results page with various presentations of the results – When is the last time you introduced a new idea in your business?
  • Listen – Long before the days of social media and brand reps on twitter, flickr actively uses its forums and FAQs to listen to its customers and communicate with them. Bugs, ideas and questions are asked and being answered constantly – What was the last customer feedback you turned into a best practice?
  • Enable sharing – Users on flickr can post their pictures and those posted by others to their blogs, facebook profiles and other outlets. Registered users can communicate with each other, comment on their pictures and add notes – Do you enable your customers to share their experience?
  • Cooperate – Photo editing using picnik, personalized business cards using moo, gift ideas by QOOP and more are available for flickr users – Which partners allow your customers to enhance their product experience?
  • Open your platform – What now looks like a common practice with facebook apps and LinkedIn extensions was not as common back in 2004. By creating an open API, flickr allows developers from around the world to create new tools for the site. Open API allowed twitter find the perfect tool for searchCan someone from outside your company create an added value to your business?
  • Blog – A blog is a great tool to communicate with your costumers, share information about new features, great achievements and more – Do you use blogging to deliver your messages?

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