How to comment on a corporate blog?

To me, a corporate blog is like a company representative. It represents the company and should be able to host conversations about the company and its products/services.

Some of the rules are relevant to any responder while some are specific rules for blog readers or for corporate employees.

General rules:

  • Keep It Simple – don’t make your comments feel like an appendix to the blog. Write to the point
  • Write to the point – Comment on the specific subject that the post handles. Replying to a comment, refer to it even if it doesn’t refer to the post.
  • Be polite – This will earn you respect and will allow appropriate consideration to your comments.
  • Contribute – It’s a conversation, feel free to join.

Rules for blog readers:

  • Identify yourself – Consider leaving your email, name or a link to your blog. This will allow a company rep to get back to you.
  • Visit again – Even if you only visit to leave a complaint, come back to this post in a few days. You might find a relevant reply or a company response.

Rules for company employees:

  • Remember – you are the face of your company.
  • Follow the rules – Many companies who run blogs created a tool kit for the blog writers. This will be valuable for your comments
  • Respect – your customers
  • Join – It’s a conversation, don’t just read it
  • Other tools – posted a good list of corporate blogging best practice

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