Why preparation will save you bad time at a conference?

A conference can serve as a place to advance your career. It’s a place to learn from vivid discussion, meet with companies and have fun. My friend Guy posted an example of such a positive experience.

Conference, originally uploaded by Myles!.

Since not all conference were created equal,  a conference can be so boring and irrelevant, you wish you didn’t attend it. The secret to workaround this bad time lies in the preparation. Here are some tips:

  • Read – about the topics, the speakers, the panelists. It will probably improve your time in the conference. Listening to a person of whom you just read an article is a lot more interesting. Bad time will be a good opportunity to re-visit your notes before the next sessions.
  • Tweet – Once you registered, tweet and let other people know you are going. (Don’t forget to use the conference # if it has one). During the bad time you will be able to converse with other bored attendees.
  • Network – Prepare your visit by sending out emails to people you know in the city, to other attendees and even to speakers. Set up some meetings in advance. It will improve your experience and the value you receive from the conference.
  • Bring a pen and a notebook – Good Time at a conference will bring new ideas. Write them down. On the bad time you will be able to expand them.
  • Buy a magazine – On your way to the conference, get yourself a magazine you usually don’t have time to read. Something that is not as fun to read online, with good long articles, and only a few ads. Pick one that will make you think. Try The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic and their kind.

For some more funny way to save bad time you might check this post Fast Company.

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