Update: As I was reading the post again I realized the title doesn’t really fit

The Less-Than-Free model could be a chapter in Chris Anderson’s Free.

Benchmark Capita’s Bill Gurley post Google Redefines Disruption: The “Less Than Free” Business Model earlier today. It quickly became a hot topic and defined a new business model.

In his post Bill describe the disruptive model used by Google to distribute its Android operation system for mobile phones. Google offers the system free of charge and will split their ad revenue with the developers.

The Less-Than-Free model is also relevant to the debate between Anderson and Gladwell, which I described in my Free post – Will newspaper be able to build a Less-Than-Free model to improve their distribution both online and off line?

It’s a giant cupcake and Android! (@ Googleplex – B44), by David Recordon. Chris Anderson’s Free

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