What made TEDxPeachtree on Friday a success?

On Friday I have attended the 2009 TEDxPeachtree event. It was amazing. I enjoyed all the talks, and the nice selection of TED videos (Jill Bolte Taylor, Elizabeth Gilbert and Pattie Maes) and I couldn’t stop talking about it during the weekend.

It’s a combination of few parameters that made this a successful event:

  1. The speakers – It was a privilege to listen to this group of passionate speakers. I specially enjoyed the diversity of subjects from Hip-Hop and Comics to Flights and water painting. Not every day one has the opportunity to learn about so many subjects in such a short time. Each talk triggered me to go and learn more about the speaker’s work and the area of expertise he/she has.
  2. The organizing team – Easy to use site, fair registration process, free admission, constant communication as new speakers and new sponsors were added to the conference – these and other steps made the
  3. The audience -A group of curios people who came to learn new ideas and share from their own. It was fun to discuss the talks with the other people in the room and I really enjoyed the tweetup. Some of the people I had the opportunity to meet were: @JennyDeVaughn, @professordaddyo (who was a speaker), @TravTurn, @fscordato, @DaveWaltersATL, @leejones, @davidscohen, @BoldVentures
  4. The live broadcast – By broadcasting the event online, TEDxPeachtree reached audience around the world and allowed any one to enjoy it and discuss it on twitter (#TEDxPT).
  5. The location – The Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a wonderful facility. Located in the iXL building, it offers the attendees a nice combination of rooms, walls covered with the students art works and nicely designed cafeteria (The Hub).

SCAD Sign, originally uploaded by RW PhotoBug.

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