I like Gladwell because he writes about subjects i find interesting and he is a talented story teller. By now, I enjoyed reading  Blink and Outliers and some of the articles published in What The Dog Saw (Kottke: Links to What the Dog Saw).

A popular author (Mitch Joel calls him a rock star), his work covers subjects like the phenomena of word of mouth (The Tipping Point), intuition (Blink), success (Outliers), quarterbacks and dog whispers (What the dog saw) .

I believe that the debate about his work and its accuracy makes is valuable. It highlights the importance of critical thinking and some of the limits that journalism has versus pure science work. (Watts, Pinsker, Pinsker 2, Fake Gladwell on Christmas).

Earlier today, I enjoyed an interesting c-span interview with Gladwell. It includes a discussion about his critics, his work, the books he read, Canadian history and more.  I highly recommend it.
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