The topic My Children will Do it Differently is a tough one. Maybe since we don’t have kids yet. Or maybe because it led to a long reflection process on the last couple of months – my job search, the economy, visa, business school, and more.

I decided to leave all of these to other posts and write about a subject that I am sure will be important to my children as it is to my parents and to my wife and me – knowledge and studying. I tried to think of some ways that these will change in the future:

Love of reading, originally uploaded by Erica_Marshall.

Their books will be interactive – They will include text, video, music. Think of a version of  Where the Wild Things Are which allows the reader to view video from the movie or listen to the president reading it.

They will attend global classes – With today’s advance in education technology and universities offering classes online, the future classes can reach students from around the world simultaneously. A good example from a somewhat related technology is the live broadcasts of event in USTREAM . A combination of video streaming and twitter feed allows people from all around the world participate watch a lecture, and discuss it.

They will use social media in school – What if a school create a network on Ning and allow kids and their parents to join? They can share photos from class activities, exchange links to online content related to the class, organize meetups for Sundays and more. All under a close environment, utilizing only the good aspects of social networks.

They won’t wait for the morning newspaper –  Growing up, reading the fresh newspaper was the most expected moment in my morning. Today, I get my morning use straight from my google reader. I still enjoy the fresh stream of data, but there is no excitement about it, just routine. I wonder what morning excitement can we create.

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