Looking for something to read during the Holidays?

Here are three options from very interesting writers:

1. Seth Godin organized some big thinkers to a new ebook called What Matters Now (PDF). It’s a fun reading . Ideas such as Sleep, Enough, Productivity, Most and more already made me  re-think about some of the stuff I am doing. Read more about the book in Seth’s post.

Daisy blue 1, originally uploaded by Reini68.

2. J.C Hutchins curated In The Nick of Time (pdf) which include free chapters from the recent work of fiction and non-fiction writers like Robert J. Sawyer, Chris Brogan and  Hutchins himself. It’s a nice way to learn about the wok of various people, some of them I was not familiar with. Read Chris’s description of the project here.

3. Valeria Maltoni who writes the blog Conversation Agent grouped together some 10 marketing experts in the Marketing in 2010(PDF) ebook.