PayPal booth, originally uploaded by supercharger5150.

“PayPal Digital Goods Senior Product Manager Position” – this was the title of an email I received from Janette, a Group Product Manager with PayPal, offering me to interview for a role on her team.

This sounded like a great opportunity and I immediatly replied Yes!

PayPal has been a dream company for me for many years, and one of my target companies when I started my full time job search during school’s second year. I always had a special place for PayPal as a few years ago, as a younger software team leader, I reached out to PayPal with the offer to help them open an office in Israel. Looking back at it, this seems like a simple “chutzpah”.

Four days after the initial email, I had a phone interview and a with Janette. I liked the discussion a lot and had a feeling I made it to the next round. PayPal recruiting team was really fast and efficient and I on the next day received an invite for the next round.

Nine interviews later I received an offer letter to join the team and happily said yes!

On May 02 2011 I started my new role, attending an offsite event in Hotel Vitale.

This looks like a very interesting team and product. It’s a great company and with a strong position in the market, and I’m so exciting to join.