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Every other week I send a newsletter with some highlights about social commerce to a group of my colleagues.

I plan to post a public version of this newsletter here. These are items that I find interesting and they do not represent the opinion of my employer.

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First interesting items from the last days:

  1. Intuit SimpleStore on Facebook – This feature is an addition to Intuit’s web sites builder. It allows Intuit customers to easily add FB to their web presence. (Yahoo! News)
  2. Wal Mart launched Shopycat  – a social gift finder. A Facebook app that uses your friends interests to recommend gift ideas
  3.– A new startup that allows users to leave money for their friends on a specific location (TechCrunch)
  4. eBay Go Together – an application by eBay’s Israel Social Center that allows the user to split events’ tickets purchase between friends. (video and link)