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Every other week I send a newsletter with some highlights about social commerce to a group of my colleagues.

  1. Does sharing influence purchasing decisions?
    1. Wired about a new HBR study: Are We Immune To Viral Marketing?
    2. TechCrunch disagrees Social Networks Do Little To Influence Taste And Interests
    3. Facebook friends don’t influence each other – Or do they?
  2. What Influences The Social Consumer? 
  3. 3 Ways Taste Graphs will Fuel Social Commerce in 2012
  4. New model in group buying: test-demand-before-you-create-supply introduced by Plukka
  5. Acquisitions in social commerce
    1. Amazon acquires the talented team at shopping startup Quorus
    2. Groupon Acquires Campfire Labs to Light Up Social Products
  6. Facebook Sponsored Story Ads To Appear In The Web News Feed In 2012
  7. Power of fans
    1. Ikea Will Reward Facebook Fans And Their Friends
    2. Made by Facebook campaign turns converse fans into retailers
  8. Facebook privacy changes
    1. Public Status Updates Plunged 93% Since Facebook Moved Privacy Controls Inline
    2. 45 Privacy Changes Facebook Will Make To Comply With Data Protection Law
  9. Check ins mean points for members of airline and hotel loyalty programs
  10. The Mobile Coupon is Broken and Proctor & Gamble Has Found a Solution

Bonus: The Israel corner – Israelis Are More Engaged Than Americans On Facebook